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King of Condiments

King of Condiments By popular demand, a brief post about the Mustard Museum. It exists.  You can find it in lovely Middleton, WI, and sample hundreds mustards until you’re ready to buy one.  With admission being free, a purchase (or two) is encouraged to support the National Mustard Museum.  So how did the Mustard Museum come to be you ask?  Well, maybe you didn’t, but I’m about to tell you.  Sit back, grab the king of condiments and a bag of pretzels, and read. “T … Read More

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Tales from a 40-year-old plant: Rhubarb raspberry jam

Tales from a 40-year-old plant: Rhubarb raspberry jam Every summer, my family road trips about 11 hours north from our home in Missouri to visit my grandma in a teeny town in Wisconsin, on the farm where my dad grew up. It’s one of those trips that we all look forward to every year, not just because it’s a chance to get away from work and responsibility for a week (that’s the beauty of any vacation, right?) but also because we get to spend a solid few days in a place that feels infinitely more peace … Read More

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