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King of Condiments

King of Condiments By popular demand, a brief post about the Mustard Museum. It exists.  You can find it in lovely Middleton, WI, and sample hundreds mustards until you’re ready to buy one.  With admission being free, a purchase (or two) is encouraged to support the National Mustard Museum.  So how did the Mustard Museum come to be you ask?  Well, maybe you didn’t, but I’m about to tell you.  Sit back, grab the king of condiments and a bag of pretzels, and read. “T … Read More

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Children’s Books

Children's books Parenthood, I had heard someone say, is an opportunity to experience childhood all over. Except this time you have a driver’s license and a bank account, which makes it not like childhood at all. I am collecting the books that made my childhood, though, hoping they’ll make my daughter’s too. I still had my Shel Silverstein books and have put all of the Maurice Sendak that I used to have on Amelia’s Amazon wish list. I bought big lots of Bright … Read More

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